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Are You Eating Enough For Your Goals at CrossFit MKT?

Eat enough? We are bombarded in the media by low-calorie products and diets. How often have you heard that if you want to look better, …

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A Nutrition Coach’s Journey at CrossFit MKT

Learn about MKT Nutrition Director’s, Coach Steph Clookey, journey with nutrition.

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Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting with Crossfit MKT

As a Crossfitter, I’m sure you’re pretty familiar with the Olympic lifts. They show up in our programming intermittently – a push jerk here, a …

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Every Athlete Needs a Coach

I have made the best career out of coaching. I have coached powerlifters, weightlifters, runners, high school athletes, and people who want to be healthier. …

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Crush your Weight Loss Goals with Self Love

By Coach Stephanie Clookey Who doesn’t want to see a little more weight loss after the holidays? Every month we meet with dozens of people …

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Day Dream Games at CrossFit MKT

  Every kid deserves to be a star! Last year 8 teams competed in our first annual Day Dreams Fundraiser. The event raised more than …

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Meaningful Resolutions Part 2: Strategy

Now that you’ve taken the time to reflect and pick a meaningful goal, it is time to design your NY Resolution strategy! First – let’s …

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Meaningful Resolutions with CrossFit MKT

We all ritualistically make vows to adopt new habits — nearly all of us have proclaimed a desire or felt a sense of urgency for …

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New Coach at CrossFit MKT – Stephanie Clookey

Let’s give Coach Stephanie a warm MKT welcome! Stephanie is a compassionate coach dedicated to helping her clients reach their health and wellness goals. Stephanie …

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MKT Bright Spots and Highlights at CrossFit MKT – January 2020

The energy at MKT this December was “LIT”! Thank you, everyone, for bringing so much holiday spirit to MKT. The Secret Santa Social and Bingo …

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