Assistant Coach

55 min Murph with 20lb Vest
325 Deadlift
200 Push Press
Barefoot Trail Runner!


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

About Bobby

Growing up certainly provided its challenges for me. I used to be pretty chubby and out of shape as a kid. I knew what it felt like to be left out. Anytime we would play games at recess, I was either picked close to last or the teams filled up before I could even get a chance to play. It definitely had an impact on my confidence in my early years. Once I reached my teen years I finally decided to make a change and improve myself. I joined a basketball team with my friends to see what I was capable of. Led by a phenomenal coach, we didn’t lose a game for nearly two years and I had become the second leading scorer on the team behind one of the tallest kids in the league. More importantly, though, I learned what it meant to be apart of a team. To run and push yourself for your teammates until you couldn’t feel your legs. Remembering my early days, I always made a point to pass to the kids who got the ball the least. I like to think it was this unselfishness that led me to be voted as a captain for my high school football and track teams even though I wasn’t the most athletically gifted on the team. Ever since those days, I have always enjoyed being a leader and role model to my peers and the younger generations. From reading books to elementary school kids to raking leaves for the elderly community members, I have always enjoyed giving back and raising the vibration of the world around me. My transformation from a chubby, unconfident little boy to who I am today would not have been possible without all the excellent coaches, teachers and leaders that I have learned from. I just want to offer the same leadership I’ve received to those who need it.

Turning Point

I would say my turning point was more a culmination of the past 3 years and not some singular event. I was attending Missouri S&T studying Civil and Architectural Engineering. I figured I could be an engineer, I was proficient in math and science, but I mostly chose the major because of the money. I didn’t grow up in an affluent family, so I let financial decisions alone govern my choices and it led me to an unhappy place. But I learned that the hard way. And so, I was planning on becoming a Project Manager for a construction company. I took a semester off school and took an 8-month internship with a construction company where I saw first hand where my life was leading. After returning to school, I had a lot of time to myself to reflect on my internship and I just wasn’t happy with where my life was going. I remember someone telling me to do what you love and the money will come. I didn’t love what I was doing. Not to talk bad about the construction industry, I loved the people, I just didn’t enjoy the lifestyle. Against the wishes of those closest to me, I left school. Every single person around me thought that I was throwing my life away. No one could quite understand why I would throw away such an opportunity. I remember some of my family members wouldn’t even talk to me they were so angry at me. Despite all of that, I stuck to my decisions and followed my heart, doing what I felt I needed to do to find my passions in life. My decisions led me to travel around the country, exploring the world out there and my world within me. I began to remember my early years and wanted to offer the same guidance to the younger generations that I received, so I found a job coaching children. I absolutely love coaching, it was the only job I ever showed up early for, stayed late for, and even worked on at home. But I still felt I wanted to travel some more before I settled into something. So I left to spend some time working on an organic farm in the middle of the desert. There I developed a very close relationship with healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. I knew I made the right decision going there even though again, my family didn’t want me to. Probably because I was making next to nothing. But that experience can’t be had in an office setting. I returned home with a smile on my face that people hadn’t seen in years. I returned to coaching and this time as the director of the Ninja Zone program. I left a positive impact on the kids I was coaching before I left, something I wasn’t consciously aware of but the other coaches, parents, and staff made that clear to me. I finally felt like I was needed somewhere. It all finally made sense, true freedom lies in health and I want to help others attain that freedom.

Motivation & Passion

I chose to coach because I genuinely care about each and every person’s health and well being. Because I want to show people what true freedom of health feels like. When people finally overcome an obstacle they have been working on for months and they have that face of pure happiness; yeah, that’s why I love coaching. Knowing I helped them get there makes me rest peacefully.