Run a 7 min pace 10k and a sub 6.00 5k, Strict Muscle Ups, Handstand press up, have completed spartan sprint, spartan super, tough mudder, warrior dashes, and epic mud runs


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

About Corey

As a kid i was very sedentary, i was obese, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, always felt bad and was just very unhappy. In high school i took strength training classes and started lifting weights and eating what i though was healthy but i had little to no luck with improving my health, so by my junior year in high school I gave up and took a hard fall in to drugs and alcohol, eventually I turned my life around and put all of my effort in to learning how to improve my health, which led me to finding Crossfit.
Going through some of the things i did growing up has taught me that no matter how hard something seems in that moment, you can do anything as long as you give it 100%

Turning Point

Every race i run is a competition between me and that voice in my head that is screaming at me to quit, the last spartan race i ran was a tough race but to make it worse i wasn’t ready for it, my diet and recovery habits were lacking to say the least so 1-2 miles in to my 10 mile race I got sick and started cramping up and I started to her that little voice in my head, that little voice that tell you to rest during a workout or you will die or that weight is too heavy or that you’re not good enough and you will never be good enough, that voice was telling me to quit and go home and give up on racing.
My goal for this race was to finish in and hour and a half, 2 hours and some odd minutes later I wobbled my way over the finish line, my legs were still cramping my arms were noodles, i had had a giant rock in one shoe that cut my foot up and the other foot had a big blister on the bottom of it, the whole race sucked and i felt like i had been hit by a train, but as bad as the race had gone and as bad as i hurt, i knew quitting the race would have hurt 100 times worse, and i realized that even though i was disappointed that the race had not gone well, i finished.
In Life youre going to have bad “races”, thats just life, the important thing is to keep going and never quit.

Motivation & Passion

I love helping people, when i was trying to live a healthier, fuller live i struggled a lot with the correct way to do it,trying to make that journey a little easier for anyone in any way is the reason I love coaching, I want to help anyone that needs it weather they are brand new to fitness or seasoned workout veterans.
A few years ago i fell in love with Obstacle Course Racing, I am currently training for a Spartan Beast which is a 13.1 mile Obstacle Course Race i would also like to do the ultra beast in the near future (26.2 miles)