December Bingo Challenge – at CrossFit MKT

Have fun, get connected, and continue making progress towards your fitness through the holidays with the MKT December Bingo Challenge.

Building healthy habits and staying on track with your fitness goals can be challenging during the holiday season, and if you’re like me, saying no to Mom’s homemade pumpkin pie is not an option. 

Now I don’t necessarily eat the whole pie anymore, just most of it. In all seriousness, you can have your cake and eat it too. As long as you are doing high-intensity training regularly, drinking plenty of water, eating enough protein and veggies, and getting the right amount of rest, a little pie won’t make you pack on any extra pounds.


A tool for success.

The December Bingo Challenge is the perfect tool to help you continue making progress during the holidays. It takes more than just working out to stay on track. You need to focus on all five factors of health; fitness, nutrition, mindset, rest, and community. The Bingo Challenge has equal parts of the five factors of health built right in.


How the challenge works

The idea is to find an accountability buddy to do the challenge with you and complete 1 task five days per week. There are 25 different tasks. You can do them in order, or you can pick and choose randomly. When you get five blocks done in a row, show a coach, and your name gets entered into a prize drawing. Get 5 in a row twice, and your name will get entered into the drawing two times. Every time you complete 5 in a row, you will get another entry into the drawing. Each member can get up to 5 entries. At the beginning of January, we draw names from the hat for different prizes.



Prizes include but are not limited to;

  1. The new CrossFit MKT Hoodie
  2. The CrossFit MKT beanie hat.
  3. A 60-minute massage gift card.
  4. Five free MKT Yoga classes.
  5. One free month MKT membership.
  6. 2 Personal training sessions for you and a friend.
  7. A romantic date with Coach Corey (still negotiating this…)
  8. It’s a Grind Coffee Shop gift card.
  9. Cryo Therapy Gift Card.


Bingo Cards.

You may print off your own Bingo card, or you can pick up one at the gym starting black Friday. Be sure to keep track of your card and write your name on it.

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