Is the Open for me? – FAQ’s MKT FIT


The 2020 Open is near.

We are only 32 days away from an awesome fitness party!

Now some of us are having hesitations about signing up and that’s 100% normal.

I don’t usually speak from my own perspective but here I will. So here’s my experience with the Open over the past 2 years.

I signed up for a World Wide fitness competition after only 2 months of consecutive Crossfit training and I was absolutely scared. I knew I was about to be humbled and my ego didn’t want that, but I signed up anyway and joined in a journey I will now never veer from.


It was the spirit of the Open that encapsulated me into Crossfit forever.


What I saw was a community of happy and healthy people come together and push each other to do things they never thought possible. I saw the person who finished last get the loudest cheers and support from the community. I saw more laughs, high fives, fists bumps, and self-accomplishment smiles then I’ve ever seen. I saw people elated with happiness after seeing all their hard work from their training pay off. I saw many firsts and PRs including first double-unders, pull-ups, new clean PRs and more. I saw newbies dive headfirst into something initially terrifying, only to find out how strong, fast and capable they are.

Every year, the Open is full of moments in which ordinary people find themselves achieving things they thought were impossible. Such moments are hard to create on a regular training day.


It’s the competition that did it.


When the adrenaline is pumping, it initiates something inside of you. The fire that was always there. The feelings that come with breaking down those self-perceived barriers is unlike anything else.

Now don’t get me wrong, before every Open workout I shake and sweat. A lot. I really do. Working out in front of people, it’s scary, and you absolutely do have to find the courage to dig deep. But it’s the best feeling in the world to be courageous and know you’re pushing through. You’ll be so proud of yourself at the end. That’s an indescribable feeling.


We are all here to help each other find the greatness within.


This is by far the least judgmental community I have ever been apart of and that’s because without a doubt we are all humbled with Crossfit daily.


What to do if you miss a Saturday…


Now if you are concerned that you may miss a couple Saturday’s we are also going to have Friday’s classes be the Open workout, so you could do it then. You also have from Thursday night, the time of the workout announcement until Monday to complete the workout. If you are traveling, you could drop in any Crossfit gym in the country and they will be doing the Open workout as well.

The Open is absolutely for you. We promise.

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