MKT FIT Fall and Winter Class Schedule

A new season is here and we are excited to release the MKT FIT Fall Winter Class Schedule.

Our gym and fitness community is happily growing! As our gym grows, so will our class offering. We have added some new classes to the schedule and adjusted the class times. As our community grows, it is our promise to maintain a high level of quality coaching and customer service.

In order for us to deliver a quality experience for all of our members, we will limit our class sizes. This will ensure that there is ample equipment, space, and coaching for each member that attends our classes.

Weekday class size limit: 16 members. 

Weekend class size limit: 20 members. 


We never want to have to turn anyone away so we will continue to expand our class offering.  We are now offering more class options and a different class type, a 5:15 am Spark Class on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

The Spark Class is the perfect class to get your day started full of calisthenics and endurance exercises. This endurance class will be based on raising your heart rate and improving your fitness longevity. The class will be focused around rowing, biking, longer runs, short sprints, and interval training. Come enjoy the sweat and the feeling of accomplishment after a satisfying workout!

Class Reservations

Members may reserve their classes prior to the start of class time through the Push Press Members Portal App or online with our Member Scheduling Page. This link can also be found under the Menu tab of our website,

Reservation Cancel Policy

At MKT, we want everyone to have the opportunity to experience our classes. One of our top priorities as your Fitness Coaches is to keep you committed to your goals and staying on track with your health and fitness.  To make sure we can accommodate everyone who wants to take classes, we are introducing our new class reservation and cancellation policies for our clients/members and guests.

Now you made a reservation for a class but something comes up and you can’t make it. What should you do?

We get it, things come up, you don’t feel well, and your kids are sick; life happens. Cancel your reservation IMMEDIATELY by using our Push Press Members Portal App and clicking on the Classes option to view and cancel the session you are booked for. This is the ONLY way to cancel a class.

We will no longer be accepting messages via Social Media, emails, phone/text.

If you need assistance on understanding HOW to cancel a class, please let us help and show you. We are here to help and want you to feel as comfortable with the app and the cancellation process.

Please cancel reservations prior to 8 hours of a class’s starting time so that someone else can experience the great workout you’ll be missing.

Important Notes
  • Missed class fee: if you miss a reservation without canceling, you will be charged a fee of $8
  • If you miss a reservation, the reservation will not count as one of your monthly classes and the credits used for the reservation will be returned automatically.
  • The fee will appear in your bank statement within 7 days after your missed reservation.

Our cancellation policy helps us maintain strong relationships with our members. For many of our classes, filling each spot is critical not only for our business but for guaranteeing you have a high-quality experience every time you attend.

The Fall / Winter Schedule Starts Sunday, September 1st

Check out the live schedule page online here: MKT FIT Schedule

Reserve your classes here: MKT FIT members scheduling page







5:00 AM MKT 60 – Bob MKT 60 – Bob MKT 60 – Bob MKT 60 – Bob MKT 60 – Bob
6:15 AM MKT 60 – Bob MKT 60 – Bob MKT 60 – Bob MKT 60 – Bob MKT 60 – Bob
7:30 AM MKT 60 – Bob MKT 60 – Bob MKT 60 – Bob
8:45 AM MKT 60 – Bob MKT 60 – Bob
12:00 PM MKT 60 – Corey MKT 60 – Corey MKT 60 – Corey MKT 60 – Corey MKT 60 – Corey
3:30 AM MKT 60 – John MKT 60 – John MKT 60 – John MKT 60 – John MKT 60 – John
4:30 PM MKT 60 – Corey MKT 60 – Corey MKT 60 – Corey MKT 60 – Corey MKT 60 – Corey
5:30 PM MKT 60 – Corey MKT 60 – Corey MKT 60 – Corey MKT 60 – Corey MKT 60 – Corey
6:30 PM MKT 60 – Dan MKT 60 – Dan MKT 60 – Dan MKT 60 – Dan



7:00 AM MKT 60 – Corey 10:45 AM MKT 60 – Dan
8:15 AM MKT 60 – Corey 12:00 PM MKT 60 – Dan
9:30 AM MKT 60 – Bob


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to email us at:


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