MKT FIT – How To Train For The Open

The 2020 Open is just weeks away! Below is a video that explains 5’ish important keys to focus on when you are training to optimize your performance and experience during the Open.


The video details the following tips to help you better prepare for The Open.

  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • Improve Nutrition Quality
  • Ramp Up Your Engine
  • Go Balls To The Wall 1-2 Days Per Week (HAM-AF)
  • Work Your Weaknesses
  • Experiment With Pacing


Interestingly enough, these tips are good things to prioritize with your general health and fitness all year long.


Registration for The Open closes on September 26th. If you have not registered for The Open yet, there are two ways to sign up;

1. Use the Push Press Members App and sign-up under “Pre-Orders”
You can find Pre-Orders under the main menu tab.

2. Follow the links below and enter your payment information. Be sure to choose the appropriate link depending on if you want a T-Shirt or a Tank Top.

Open Registration (TANK TOP)
Open Registration (T-SHIRT)


Enjoy the video below and let us know if you would like some extra help preparing for the Open! Send help messages to


Video by MKT Coaches Corey Sapp and Bobby Fallon


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