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A Nutrition Coach’s Journey at CrossFit MKT

It’s already been a month since I’ve joined the staff here at MKT! I can’t believe it – time flies. For those who I see regularly in the AM, thank you for welcoming me into your community! MKT already feels like home, and it’s all because of your kindness. For those I haven’t met yet, I’ll use this time to introduce myself. My name is Stephanie Clookey, and I am the new Nutrition Director here at MKT! 

How did I land here, in the world of nutrition? In short, it was my love affair with athletics. Ever since I was a little girl, I had the dream of playing college soccer. However, I knew the odds of making it were stacked against me. For one thing, I am a first-generation college student – so attending college, in general, was uncharted territory. As for athletics, I was warned by local coaches that because I was from a rural area and didn’t play for a big-name club, a lot of coaches wouldn’t bother coming to see me play.

I knew I needed to create opportunities to be viewed by college coaches, and whenever I did, I needed to blow them away. I started adding in extra ball skills sessions, playing on more rec leagues, and when I was 13, I started intentionally training in the weight room and on the track. Over the years, I continued to learn more, piece by piece, about what training and performing like an athlete meant. Eventually, I learned that optimizing my nutrition was a big piece of the puzzle.

But, I had no idea what that meant or how to find out. The high-level athletes in the media were lean, so I felt I needed to be lean. I read countless [garbage] magazine articles and asked for nutrition advice from various fit people that I knew. Unfortunately, I didn’t know a single formally educated nutritionist, and back then, the internet was used exclusively for AOL Instant Messenger. Long story short, I was inundated with fad diets, nutrition scare tactics, and conflicting and confusing information. It was SO OVERWHELMING! In desperation, I tried everything; I cut out various food groups, fasted, weighed, and measured my life away, you name it – I’ve done it. Eventually, I fell into the all too common trap of relentless starvation and restriction, and when I finally caved and binged, I would purge maliciously. I destroyed my relationship with my body and food, relationships I will continue to work on for the rest of my life.

Despite the turbulence, my desire to understand the mystical landscape of nutrition has never stopped. I spent six years (and counting!) learning about the intricate details of metabolism and physiology (BS in Biochemistry, MS Nutrition and Exercise Physiology). In tandem, I’ve committed to understanding the practical application of these principles to produce long-lasting, healthy results through coaching! My body and my intentions with my nutrition have changed dramatically over the years, but food is no longer something to be feared or abused. Rather, it serves to nourish my body and mind, allowing me to train hard, hold my loved ones, and be the best version of me I can be. 

Something as fundamental as nutrition shouldn’t be complicated. Nutrition is integral to health and performance, and therefore should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve partnered with Healthy Steps Nutrition, to provide Crossfit MKT with high quality, evidence-based nutrition coaching that you can trust. No more strict, complicated diets, weight cycling, or poor relationships with food. I am here to help you navigate the nutrition landscape in a sustainable, healthy way.

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