The All-in, Committed, and Devoted – October at CrossFit MKT

Consistency is King!

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson


  1. ALL-IN: Checked into 24 classes and logged 24 workouts
  2. DEVOTED: Checked into 20 classes and logged 20 workouts
  3. COMMITTED: Checked into 16 classes and logged 16 workouts.



  • Julia H
  • Sheena R
  • Arpit A
  • Shelbie B
  • Abbey W 



  • Kunal M
  • Lexia N
  • Shannon N
  • Sarah H
  • Maddi A
  • Bryan S
  • Justin L
  • Jason B
  • Joe H
  • Ellen I
  • Don K
  • Kirby S
  • Donna F



  • Wesley N
  • Chris O
  • Dakota D
  • Jeff W
  • Jon A
  • Garrett H
  • Kathryn E
  • Savanna L
  • Mallory D
  • Allison M
  • Adrian A
  • Kendra K
  • Claire V
  • Becky L
  • Dana C
  • John L
  • Carly L
  • Steph S
  • Jessee K
  • Sara D


Remember to check-in for all of your classes in push-press and log all of your workouts in SugarWOD!

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