THE CrossFit MKT WAY Episode #02: Goal Setting – Purpose – SugarWOD Updates

This week on THE MKT WAY we talk about; goal setting, purpose, intention, the new coach, and SugarWOD updates.

THE MKT WAY Episode #02

Show notes:

0:00-1:29 Take time to reflect and reaffirm your purpose for training.

1:30-4:50 How far have you come in the past 12 months, smart training, and how have you grown?

4:51-7:18 Goal setting. Big picture, how do you want your story to read when you meet your end? What are your standards? What the little goals (action steps) you can hit every day to build life long habits?

7:19-10:15 It is about creating a healthy lifestyle. Find joy in the journey, not the destination. Be consistent. Prepare yourself for failure and setbacks. They will happen, how you handle them dictates if they slow you down or not. The pain you feel from living a sedentary lifestyle one hundred times worse than getting an injury playing sports and working out. Take risks and ask questions.

10:16-13:53 What is coffee with a coach? Find more purpose in training. Building connections and create an action plan for reaching your goals. Building relationships is vital to long term happiness, accountability, and support. It is our job to deliver an individualized experience. Set up a coffee date with a coach in person at the gym or email us at

13:54-15:50 Who is that new girl? Let’s welcome Coach Stephanie to the team! Stephanie is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and a competitive Olympic weightlifter. She is approachable and happy to help! Say hi and help her feel welcome!

15:51-21:37 What’s Next? We all will log our workouts together within the SugarWOD app. There will still be multiple workout variations posted. “Scaled” is not a bad thing. Check your ego at the door. Scaling means you are training smart and doing what you need to do for yourself to make progress, stay safe, and have fun. DO YOU. It is about being happy, healthy, and strong. Kickass into your 90’s.

21:38-22:37 Announcements. Mallory is out of town this weekend, so there will be no yoga class this Sunday at 3:00 pm. We have community classes on Saturdays at 9:30 am. Bring a friend! Remember to keep working on your bingo cards.

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