The CrossFit MKT Way – Episode #1 – Corey & Bobby – Heavy Days

Each week The MKT coaches share tips to help you be Happy, Healthy, & Strong!

The CrossFit MKT Way: Episode #01 – Corey and Bobby – Heavy Days

Show notes:

  • Thank you for all of your support. We have raised enough money from various events, protein orders, and apparel sales to send Corey and Bobby to Tennessee for their CrossFit Level-2 seminar the last weekend in January. We appreciate this community so much!
  • Who, when, why and how to go heavy.
  • The function and purpose of warm-up sets; raise your core temperature and prime your body to perform.
  • The purpose and execution of working sets; to get stronger and improve mechanics.
  • Consistency is the key ingredient to long term progress.
  • Stay tuned for weekly episodes of the CFMKT Way.
  • Ask Questions: “It is literally our job to answer your questions and help.”
  • We have two workouts variations, “sport”, and “Fitness”
    • Sport: Elite Fitness
    • Fitness: Life-Long fitness
  • Coffee with a Coach – email:
  • Bobby’s GPS Mindset
    • Option A – go with no direction.
    • Option B – ignore directions.
    • Follow C – directions.
  • Are you sick, hurt, or injured? Communicate how you are feeling with a coach before class.
  • Stay tuned for more episodes of The CrossFit MKT Way Show.

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