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Get fit, make friends, become your best self. We believe that fitness and health should be something that is attainable by everyone. We meet each client where they are at in their fitness journey and custom-tailor your workout to help you meet YOUR goals!



Meet your goals more quickly. What does it take? It takes a passionate, knowledgeable trainer to show you what to do and keep you on the right track.


Get the expert guidance of a coach and the accountability of a team. Participate in group coaching sessions utilizing CrossFit methodologies.


Get expert guidance and meet your goals. This can lead to significant benefits to your fitness, health, physique, and personal goals.


MKT FIT erased all my preconceived beliefs about CrossFit and organized fitness classes in general – that it was geared toward elites. Not so. What’s amazing about MKT Fit is how the excellent coaches understand that we are all at different places in our fitness – whether it’s to be competitive or to simply embrace a healthy lifestyle. The classes are made up of all ages and abilities that share a common culture of support and encouragement. Knowing my personality and insecurities, I never would have thought I’d enjoy it so much, and now – a year later – I can’t imagine ever leaving.

Michael B.

MKT CrossFit and John Stull and of course his coaching staff are dedicated and top notch. Always wanted to start a class but always a pre-beginner. Started my second week and down a few pounds already. Love the enthusiasm of the group and trainers. I will stay with this. I love it!!! #NursesgettingHealthy

Dan L.

I was a runner and had never formally lifted weights before. After a running injury, I joined to get stronger while recovering. I was extremely hesitant and nervous but the coaches are great at explaining the different moves and providing scaling options for different levels of fitness. The coaches and members are very welcoming and encouraging. The gym also provides a lot of great times for workouts in the morning and evening. I highly recommend!

Chris H.

My kids love the strength and conditioning with Corey! So happy I tried a free class while waiting for them… I’m hooked now! It’s family nights now at MKT. Never thought I would try CrossFit, but John and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and make it fun. Love it here!

Kelli S.

Best gym I’ve ever been to! Amazing environment, very supportive staff, and an all around great place to be. I did a trial at many CrossFit gyms in Columbia and MKT is by far the best one because of its welcoming atmosphere and well-rounded workouts. I love going there. I wouldn’t recommend going anywhere else.

Claire S.

My kids love the strength and conditioning classes for their ages. Motivating and fun while improving their fitness. I love the bootcamp classes that I have taken!

Dawn S.

If you want a gym that prioritizes its members, then this is the place for you. I spent a lot of time looking at CrossFit gyms in CoMo and this is the only gym that took the time (and continues to take the time) to make sure that my form is correct. The owner and coaches are all great. You won’t find another facility that has more equipment and resources.

David R.