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Welcome to CrossFit MKT!

MKT was born from a constant pursuit of better.

We know that the secret to getting results and hitting our goals lies in trusting the process and improving daily. Exercise isn’t about being THE best, it is about being YOUR best, showing up consistently, and pursuing virtuosity.

Building discipline and confidence with our fitness is a catalyst for trying new things and excelling in other areas of our life. Our fitness achievements break the chains of self-doubt and throw open the door to possibilities we never imagined for ourselves. This also fortifies our mental strength and ultimately leads to spiritual growth.

Our aim at MKT is to make working out the best hour of your day and time well spent on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. No phones, no emails, just hard work, and comradery. We turn up the music, give fist bumps, and blow off steam. 

MKT members take action, never quit, and lift each other up. We value modesty, kindness, and truth. We never blame, shame, or judge, and we always stay humble, hungry, and strong. 

The MKT FIT community has people from all walks of life, professionals, servicemen and women, recovering addicts, entrepreneurs, doctors, nurses, teachers, husbands, moms, and more! 

Although we come from different backgrounds and experience levels, we all have an important story and we all have overcome many obstacles in life to get where we are today.

We don’t train for recognition or awards, we train to become healthier, happier, and stronger servants for those we love.

We blaze trails of astonishing lifestyle enhancement with grace and peace.

We are leaders for our family and community.

We are Trailblazers.

Are you ready to blaze trails and be the hero of your own life? Schedule a free intro.

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John Stull | OWNER

meet your support team

John Stull

Personal Trainer
Crossfit Trainer

John, aka, “Mr. Clean” can usually be found with a mop in his hand and a big cheesy grin on his face.

John supports everyone in pursuing their own personal goals, and in being the best version of themselves.

“It is my responsibility to build and protect an environment and culture that is conducive to personal growth, mentally, physically, and spiritually.”

Trainer since 2012.

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Healthy Steps Nutrition, Nutrition Coach

National Strength and Conditioning
Association – Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition L-1

Functional Movement Screen L-1

Associate of Occupational Studies, Personal Training – Pinnacle Career Institue

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Corey Sapp

CrossFit Trainer
Personal Trainer

Corey the character. We love Corey because he reminds us every day not to take ourselves to seriously.

Having struggled with his own health in the past, Corey’s purpose is to help make everyone’s fitness journey a little more fun.

If you think Corey is a fun coach, just wait until you see the workouts he writes.

Trainer since 2015

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Aerobic Capacity Course

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Bobby Fallon

CrossFit Trainer
Personal Trainer

Coach Bobby, aka, the philosopher, is more concerned with what happens between the ears than with how we look in the mirror.

In his free time, Bobby can be found working in his garden, cleaning up our community, and going on weekly adventures with his wife Lindsay.

Trainer since 2018

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

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Stephanie Clookey

MKT Nutrition Coach
Personal Trainer

Stephanie is a compassionate and spunky trainer that will guide, support, and challenge you every step of the way!

Stephanie enjoys life long learning, lifting heavy things over her head, and being outside with her dogs.

Trainer since 2017

American College of Sports Medicine Certified Exercise Physiologist (ACSM-EPC)

USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach (USAW-L1)

Healthy Step Nutrition, Nutrition Coach

Master’s of Science, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology – University of Missouri

Bachelor’s of Science, Biochemistry – SUNY Geneseo

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